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WWE - teaching 2 children simultaneously


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Hi there!


I have a reluctant 5th grade writer and a joyful 3rd grade writer. Both attend PS and I supplement at home. I went through WWE1 with my 5th grader several years ago, but we haven't done anything with it in recent years. As the writing requirements have increased in PS, his writing is faltering. I plan to start up with WWE again, probably go through 1 quickly, then move on to 2 in its entirety. I'd like to do the work with both children at the same time, but I'm not sure how it will work with the narration..


My question... is it practical to teach two students simultaneously with WWE? Has anyone made this work successfully? Or tried but changed course?


Thanks for sharing!

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I use WWE with my twins and we do it at the same time. I think it is practical. When I ask the review questions I will have them both answer in a complete sentence, one at a time, but I will ask one first, then the other first, so that they are not copying each other. One might refresh the other's memory. Usually when one twin is narrating the other will leave the room briefly. At first I didn't have the other twin leave the room, but my son would repeat what my daughter said, sometimes out of laziness, but also because she is creative with her use of words and I think it impresses him.

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