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Opinions on these comments please

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I was chatting today to the Deputy Principal of my daughters' school, who I get on with pretty well. She made a couple of comments about my older DD which have left me feeling a little confused/anxious/annoyed. She made comments along the lines of "your daughter isn;t perfect you know" and " she can hold her own". There are a LOT of social issues in this particular class, so now I am feeling paranoid about what she was getting at. I tried to press her for details and asked if I should be concerned but she didn't give me any answers. SO< what would you make of comments like these?> My DD is 10, and has always been a good all round sort of kid, no trouble.

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Sounds like she was saying your daughter is causing some social issues.


Your dd could just be reacting back to taunts (holding her own). But the line about her not being perfect makes it sound like the person you were talking to thinks your dd is instigating some of the issues.


Don't know. Kid World is different from Adult World and sometimes it's hard for the adults looking on to know what's really going on.

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To me it just means that there are "cat fights" and your daughter is able to give as good as she gets (hold her own). For 10year olds, I'll assume some name calling goes on and some "in crowd" mentality and I won't read anything into "your daughter isn't perfect" other than if your daughter complains, there are more sides to the story.

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