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Question for CM moms

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Hmmm, well CM started her students in Shakespeare in Year 4 and AO follows this, but I tend to put this in front of students when I think they are ready. I have Shakepeare (not retellings but original) starting in Year 7 in the curriculum that I planned. I include Petrarch in Year 8 as part of the Renaissance time period along with Shakespeare's sonnets. But, my younger dd has proved that she is ready and I've started Plutarch with her already and she'll be joining her sister in Julius Caesar next week as well. I'm sure that she will read Petrarch when we cover the Renaissance again in her 2nd rotation.

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We started Plutarch this year for 5th grade. I read it aloud to him and then we discuss it together. He just turned 11 a week or so ago, and I wasn't sure he could handle it, but he did a great job with comprehension. (That said, we joined back with our weekly co-op at Christmas and only made it through one of the lives.)


Shakespeare we are going to try starting next year. My youngest will be old enough for AO yr.4 and I think he will be fine with it if we take it slow with lots of discussion. We will see....


I know AO says to start both during yr. 4, but "I" couldn't handle figuring out both in one year. ;)

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Oh, and we also liked Shakespeare Stories by Leon Garfield.



My favorite Shakespeare retelling books (volume I and II).


I started Shakespeare (not retellings) with my students when my eldest was around 12, if you were under 10, you weren't required to stay for Shakespeare.


I started Plutarch with my students when they were 12 or 13.



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