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Oak Meadow Environmental Science

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Anyone have experience with this? Could you share your thoughts?


DS, grade 10, needs a science next year that is not necessarily a lab science. He took Bio and did great this past year. He (and we) want him to take Chem with a teacher at our co-op who is a very good instructor and the scheduling did not work for this year. We'll wait and take it next year. We are shooting for Physics for senior year at the cc. Sooo, he has some interest in Env. Sci and thought we might do it. Just needed some info from those who have used it.



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I have not used it, but a good friend of mine did. She said that the text was good, but pretty basic. It made a very nice, low-key science year for her dd. If you are just checking off a box for science, then it's good enough. If you want to do AP Environmental Science, you will need something else.

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