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Don't lie...what are your kids doing right now? Well, most are getting ready for bed,

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It's just about 9:40 p.m.


My 10-year-old son is reading in bed.


My 13-year-old daughter is bouncing off the walls showing--and simultaneously narrating--the dance routine she and the rest of the cast worked on during today's rehearsal.


It's a pretty typical evening for us. My son usually heads off to bed for reading time sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 and gets 30-45 minutes to read, depending on how well behaved he's been and how early he needs to be up in the morning.


When my daughter is home, she stays up about as late as we do, noodling around on the computer or hanging out with us either talking or watching something on DVD. (We're working our way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel these days.)


While I've been typing this, though, my daughter has decided to head off to bed. She had a full-day show rehearsal today and has another tomorrow. They're making them dance, and she is not a dancer. So, it's tiring for her. She'll probably read for an hour or so.

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While you're at it, if you want to post what you do on a normal weekday night, I'd love to know!


I only say "don't lie" because sometimes I don't want to say that my kids are watching tv or that I think they're in a fight but I'm ignoring it....but don't we all really want to know that stuff? ;)


So, my two littles are sound asleep. The three older ones are enjoying an I Spy book in lieu of storytime. I tried to hang, but their beds are just... too... comfortable. So I had to get up and come in here for a bit. It'll be lights-out in a few minutes.


Normally, after supper we clean up, play a game or have dessert (tonight it was dessert - we're suckers for cold summer treats!), and then it takes FOR-EV-ER to get everybody jammied, brushed, faces washed and into bed. Then storytime, and after that we're either ready to relax and do a little work - or we're both near comatose from reading stories and we slink off to bed.


Yep, thrills-a-minute around here, huh?:tongue_smilie:


HA - ok, update. As I typed this, all Hades broke loose. The 9yo is convinced the 4yo is out to make him as miserable as possible. The 4yo just used every ounce on strength he has left to use his words with his older brother and ask him not to do what he was doing. Older brother refused to acknowledge little brother's request - first claimed he DID acknowledge it and said okay, but then immediately claimed that he didn't acknowledge it b/c he didn't do what little brother said...


Yep, it's time for bed. (What was I saying about thrills-a-minute? Yeah, ignore me.)


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It's 3.37pm They should be finished for the day, but are they???? Ohhhhh NOoooooooo they are fighting and chasing and screaming and dodging work. And I simply can't be bothered, I'm so ready for our break due to start on Friday that if history didn't need to be done by friday I'd give up now.

Scotty, beam me up.

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My dd14 has literally just moments ago discovered our house on Google Earth- the street front photo version- and my son (miniscule) is standing out the front in the photo. So my kids are at this moment terribly excited that ds12 is world famous on Google Earth. Ds12 has meanwhile gone back to the kitchen to keep slicing the fresh pineapple which we will be eating in a few moments in front of our Smallville episodes (2 each evening as long as the kids can get the kitchen clean, and be ready for bed, by 6.30pm).

Pretty ordinary weekday evening here.

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At 8:00, my 8 year old, Nathan, was playing Stratego with my husband. Aaron, our 18 year old, was watching, getting frustrated because Nathan wasn't playing every move like HE would play. My 7 year old, Ben, kept looking at Daddy's side and while pointing asking, "What's special about that piece?" and giving information away.


Prior to that, the younger boys were feeding my husband in their pretend restaurant: "Lone Star." Our oldest was working on a World War II display.


Normally, at 8:00, we do "family time" which is when my husband reads the Bible and some other character resource. We pray then and sometimes sing.


Then the younger boys get ready for bed, and at 9:00 they read -- or allowed to read -- for one hour. If they choose not to read, they have to go to sleep. Our oldest usually watches a documentary or right now, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. My husband usually reads a story to them in that hour as well.

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9:00 a.m. here:

My oldest is hiding downstairs because he thinks I'll forget he has to do schoolwork (fat chance)

12 y.o. is eating potato chips for breakfast,

9 and 6 y.o.'s are fighting over a matchbox car(?!)

3 y.o. is crying because I said no t.v.

2 y.o. is playing nicely (or not~he's being awfully quiet)

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We were on a playdate with another family from church last night at that time. They have better air conditioning than we do and invited us to come over. Time got away from us and we stayed longer than I typically would. Thankfully, we got home before the big storm hit.


Typical weekday nights for us begin with me making dinner while the children play out in the yard with neighbors. After dinner they do their dinner chores and we read a story. Then they follow their bedtime routine - baths, jammies, brush teeth, 10 minute tidy - and it's lights out by 7:30. I try to stick to the schedule fairly rigidly because it really helps when new children come to the house if we have a schedule the others are already trained to follow.

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