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Where to buy "play" money locally


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Walmart used to sell it in the educational supply/office supply section. I am not sure if they still do or not. You may also try the school supply section of large stores. Target often has a teacher section.


In the past I have also just photocopied real bills on my color printer and used real coins. As long as you aren't trying to pass them off as real ones and do something to deface them, you are allowed to photocopy them. I emailed the treasury and asked them several years ago and they said it is allowed to photocopy them as long as they are marked in some way so they can't be passed in a store. I just photo copied one side (some fronts and some backs) to comply. If you want large bills and if you don't have any at home, you may try Googling to find images of the new bills. There are often pictures available to merchants so they know what the new bills look like before they come out.


I made my own because I wanted the kids to know what the real money looked like so they would be more familiar with it.

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I've seen some just recently in the toy section of our Walmart - but we're in Canada and what they carry might be diff than the US ones (well, that's a for sure - ours doesn't have guns! ;) ) ....I've also seen it at various dollar stores....


Yeah the photocopy-the-real-stuff would prolly work better anyway - that way, kids get used to working with 'almost real' money that looks the same, versus the fake stuff with weird colours, sizes, and some strange characters on it.

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