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Speaking of bad customer service (A Beka Testing) . . .


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Another person ordered & administered the ITBS two years ago for my oldest. They ordered through BJU.


This year, I went with A Beka Testing. Their website boasts "faster results." On the FAQ page, that translates to four weeks.


A friend went with BJU, tested a week after I did, and received her results a week before mine were "due" (per the four week timeframe).

Four weeks from the day my results arrived at A Beka, I called to see where in the process my tests were. They "couldn't tell [me]" because there was "no way of knowing." They said to check back two to three days later. Three (working days) later, I called again and they promised to "track them down" and call me back. That night, results were emailed to me (almost five weeks from when they received the tests).


I had some questions, so the next day, I sent them to the email address they specifically gave. No answer. I sent another email again three days later. It has now been a week since the original email with questions and I still haven't received a reply to either email.


One of my questions was whether I could receive the specific breakdown (called the "Performance Profile") for the test results vs. the "Narrative" one they'd sent. For one of my kids who didn't score well, it would really help to get details on what areas they struggled in for each subcategory.


I can't recommend A Beka Testing because their customer service is really lacking! (As much as I hate to say it, BJU Press Testing was much, much better! They use the ITBS Form C that gives Lexile measurements and they send a much better "evaluating your test results" package than A Beka does.)

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I've had good experiences with both Bayside Testing and Triangle Education Assessments.


Sorry you had a bad one!



Yes, we used Triangle last year for the ITBS and had excellent customer service. Excellent. This year I used Abeka and was less than pleased, to say the least. I will go back to Triangle next year. (and the do send the full report with the individual breakdown.)

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I called today. The customer service rep continued to protest that they'd been "swamped" and that although someone "forgot" to send me an email reply, they'd put in a request to see if I could get the Individual Profile. I'm not holding my breath.


Thanks for those who indicated that Triangle sends the whole detailed report & that Bayside has good service as well. We test every two years, so I'll have to decide which company to go with (obviously not A Beka next time!) then.

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Bayside is actually owned and run by my sister's in-laws. They homeschooled a couple of their kids and are really good people. It was funny because when I first met my BIL when they were dating, we were talking and I was considering homeschooling. I thought it was so cool that I had his parents testing service in my research files :). Met them at the wedding.

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