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My DS9 started writing!! On his own!!


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As in, he appeared one day with his notebook in one hand and said, "Mom, do you wanna see what I wrote?" And there were 3 paragraphs filling up a whole page. :svengo: This is the kid who whines over having to copy a sentence containing more than one clause. I haven't done any formal writing with him yet (other than copy work and narration) because he's so resistant to writing.


So for those of you with similar kids, maybe there's hope. ;)


Lately, he's been reading this book http://www.amazon.com/The-Elements-Visual-Exploration-Universe/dp/1579128149/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369311201&sr=8-1&keywords=The+elements that he pilfered off my coffee table. He's been telling me random snippets about different elements, which is fun for me, since I'm a former chemist. Now he's decided that he's going to write a summary of every single element. Apparently he's going from most interesting to least, and he's covered 5 elements this week.


Here's one of his paragraphs. It's pretty rough, but I'm not going to do any correcting.



Sodium is the most explosive and the Best tasting of all the alkali metals. explosive Becauseif you throw it in water it Rapidly generates Hydrogen gas wich ignits with a bang throwing flaming Sodium in all direcitons. Best tasting Because if m together with chlorine makes table salt.


(Whew that was hard to type with the iPad trying to correct all his spelling. :D)


I asked him if we could revise one of his paragraphs (of his choosing) in a few weeks, and he said yes. I'm glad he actually found something interesting enough to him to start writing on his own. :hurray:

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