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FLL & WWE/WWS - beginning in middle school?

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My girls will be in 6th and 7th next year. Did I miss the time frame on using FLL and WWE with them? I am just really learning about this curriculum and would love to try it next year. I was thinking WWE for the 6th grader and WWS for the 7th grader who is a good writer and loves to write. She tried IEW's B middle school last year and was bored, I need something to challenge her and keep her moving forward.


They haven't had too much grammar, not doing well in that area. Could we work through FLL 4 for a year or would they be too old?



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Unless there are some special needs involved, I would not use FLL for that age. There are plenty of grammar resources that are geared to that age that will start from the beginning. Grammar is the the same things repeated year after year, just in more depth, and adding more advanced topics along the way.


Maybe look at Analytical Grammar for both of them. Or they could both do Rod and Staff 5, or maybe 6.


Have you seen the WWE placement tests on the Peace Hill Press site? Maybe start there. They may be able to both go into WWS, or maybe go there after a few months practice with written narrations.

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Thank you. I thought FLL was too young, just recently became aware of it and I knew I probably missed the boat on it. I have heard okay things about AG, still not finding what I want for grammar but I will look at those suggestions, thanks.


I did not realize there was a placement test for WWE. Thank you.

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