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I just like him more and more :) Horse pics! ;)


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So Luka and I are now starting our endurance/trail distance conditioning and training. I think he may do well at it. I couldn't decide if I wanted to start there or do a little jumping...I think for now I'm leaving the jumping to just for fun or as needed. We'll practice at home, but we already trail ride and he seems to really like it, and I have most of the gear I'd need so we'll stick with that for now. He's 5 so I'll condition him slowly and well before we really start the big races. He also likes to move out easily on a loose rein for me on the trail, even when cantering; that is so nice on my arms and shoulders :) . He's been fun to ride and pretty easy to work with so far. He picks up on stuff quickly and is curious about new things. I love that.


Here's some pics of us recently and of him having fun in the backyard...





And a slideshow of all sorts of photos of him :)

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WOW, he's pretty!


A newbie has to ask, what's endurance?


Long, long rides in the saddle with your horse and sometimes a friend/mentor on their horse over all sorts of terrain :)


Here is a website to get a feel for what the endurance is about: http://www.aerc.org/


and another website that caters more to the long distance trail riders: http://www.natrc.org/


I like doing both, but plan on conditioning more for future endurance, but long trail riding is good for them too, just at slower speeds.

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Beautiful! Oh, and I love the tree in the background w/ the 4 horses! My dd would say it's the perfect climbing tree!


The tree is an awesome climbing tree. My kids used it well :) There are a couple more like it in the back and front yard. I trim them all myself and they've grown so good. You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but that big tree was run over multiple times when it was little by the previous owners on a tractor and that included a bushhog (like a giant lawnmower for pastures). It kept coming back and so the owner figured that he'd better put a little fence around it because he figured it was there to stay :) Now almost 18 years later, it looks like that!

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He's beautiful, I love his stride! I wish you lived near me so I could see him!


Linders, there should be a video on his slideshow...he is poetry in motion when he's floating along. I love all my horses, but he is fast becoming my favorite.

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