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Help me makeover our school


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I am rethinking how I want to do school for my boys. They are 9yo (finishing 3rd - but a little behind in all subjects), 6yo (finishing K) and 1yo. I want to be "Mom"!!! I've been in "teacher" mode so long that I don't know what "mom" mode even looks like right now. So for now, I am scaling back to practicing penmanship, math facts, and a little reading. I'm doing this to allow myself to be "mom" for a while and connect with my kids again.

I've not really had a focus on what I want them to learn, where I want us to go, or anything like that. Just kinda of surviving by the seat of my pants. So now I am starting to research different methods (WTM, CM, etc) to see where I want to pull things from, how I want things to look.


If you were starting lang arts from the start with the ages/grades I have, what would you use?

I've thought about R&S for spelling.

I have R&S Eng 3 but we didn't get very far at all. Not sure what or why it didn't click, perhaps just my time with the little one underfoot. I'm looking at FLL but what level would I start with? How does WWE fit in? How much time do they take - as far as my time? Is that all I would need- FLL, WWE, and spelling?


I may need advice for all subjects but this is where I am starting tonight.



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