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Opinions on supplementing LA

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My almost 5 year old, gifted DS is a very good reader at about the third grade level. He is basically self-taught, and will eventually be attending private school. Aside from reading lots of books, we have done no formal language arts apart from what he picks up on Starfall. I am perfectly content to let him just continue reading and not study grammar or spelling until he gets to them in school. But I have been wondering if it will hold his interest to take several steps backward at that point.


I am doing some more formal math with him because he has an interest and I was running out of real life examples, so he is flying through Math Mammoth right now. It seems to me that gaps in math have greater consequences than gaps in LA, but I've never done this before so I could be wrong!


All opinions are welcome!

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Maybe not right away, but the MCT language arts materials are wonderful supplements (if you're planning to afterschool). Grammar and explicit (academic) writing instruction are frequently missing from the curriculum in b&m schools even "rigorous" private schools (ask me how I know...). Also making a point of reading classic literature aloud (and having him read it too) will supplement what the school does.


So I guess my suggestions are for afterschooling materials rather than for what to do now.

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There is an article index here: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/article-index/


It might be worth your while, since you know him best, to sort of poke around some of the offerings out there. You might find something that draws you for later on as far as an approachable "style" you are comfortable with. Maybe collect a few for now and read them as you can comfortably.


You can scan the board and the age appropriate areas for reviews and ideas as well.


The point that EKS makes about the reading is a big one, don't miss that. Reading aloud from well written works is a very big deal. Even the variance in sentence length is very helpful. Older books seem to afford this quite easily.

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Thanks for the replies! We are a reading family, so getting in lots of variety of reading is never going to be an issue. I've been looking at some of the various curricula out there, but I just haven't decided if it is important for me to do any formal supplementation. I think I may run it past a kindergarten teacher at his future school and see what they suggest too. I think the more reading you do, the more you develop an intuition for what "sounds right" about language, but you don't necessarily learn about things like nouns and verbs. And I very strongly feel that composition and writing are the most important skills to master in school.


What is the youngest age that MCT can reasonably be used in a gifted child?

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