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Sensory Learning Program?

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I recently had my dd age 11 evaluated by a developmental optometrist (COVD) for an eye turn. DD also has Asperger's Syndrome and incredible focus/attention issues. They diagnosed her with Sensory Integration Dysfunction as well as Esotropia (the eye turn). Their recommendation is to do the Sensory Learning Program which I have noticed is offered in many locations across the nation. I am hoping that someone here might have experience with this program and can share any insight. They also want to follow up this treatment with VT for 10-12 months. Any feedback someone might have is greatly appreciated.

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I had never heard of it despite asking the occupational therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, developmental optometrist, geneticist and other specialists on what else to try after all sorts of interventions have failed for our own 11-year old DD. Here is one article about the Sensory Learning Program:


$3,000 is a lot of money to drop on a non-treatment non-cure that is unproven. And when people start talking about “subtle†improvements seen, this suggests a number of (unconscious) cognitive biases, such as selective perception, investment bias (post-purchase rationalisation — we value something more when we’ve spent a lot of money on it), and/or placebo effect. And sometimes there’s just plain ol’ maturation. It’s easy to forget that many children (especially those with developmental disabilities) don’t mature evenly, and will often achieve things later, and will improve and make gains in abilities in spurts. In other words, children naturally show what the SLC refers to as “changes in cumulative skills unfolding over the following weeks or monthsâ€. People want to see their children improve, so they associate positive changes with any previous treatment, or treatments, as some people will employ several at once in desperate efforts for something to cure the problem.


I would gladly spend $3,000+ on anything that has been proven to be efficacious, but I have learned the hard way that testimonials are not enough. Best of luck with your 11yo DD.

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I would definitely compare with a local OT with a good reputation for sensory issues.


Personally I think personality/rapport matters a lot and would care more about that than a specific program... While also wanting the time spent to be productive and progressing to a goal.


The program through this office is probably not the only option, and you do need to be a good consumer and look into options.


I am not really happy with the OT my younger son sees despite her good reputation. I don't think she is a good fit for him specifically. (We are taking a break this month and currently I plan to call and discontinue seeing them.) If I thought the vision place would be a good fit and helpful, I would try it. But I don't think it would be my first/default choice, it would just be OT for me.

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Well -- I looked at the program.


I am concerned that this is the program the vision place offers and therefore they are recommending it. It is a possibility.


If the concern is focus/attention, I wonder what other options you have or avenues to explore.


I think I would want to have found out more information about alternatives before choosing this program.


Not that it is bad or you shouldn't do it. Plus you don't mention if you have already tried numerous more mainstream approaches already.


I also wonder if you know how her auditory processing is, just bc this program looks like it includes some elements. If they are targeting auditory there might be other programs to consider, though not through an OT probably.


Also my adult cousin has Aspergers and he is immensely helped by medication. I consider it an option.

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