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Directing after school clubs, have you done this?

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Really good ideas Heidi. Thanks for those tips, they are important.


I was able to call the school to ask if they were interested in starting one, they declined and said it wasn't possible to have one. Oh boy.


Guess we are on our own to make something privately. That's okay though, we'll manage.

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I'm a teacher and this is part of my job. We have to do one every term. My one tip would be for craft clubs, don't underestimate cleanup time! I was excited when after years of soccer/bowling/lego club, I got assigned cooking club instead. But then I realized that after you leave ten minutes to wash their hands and explain the activity, and another ten to clean up, they really only had about ten minutes to actually do something! I later worked at a camp program where for just this reason, they didn't cook it onsite---they just assembled it and sent it home in little disposable tins with instructions to the parents on how to finish it.

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