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Board Games on the iPad


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Anyone have a favorite multiplayer on a single device (tabletop or pass back and forth) board game for the iPad? I know there are several out there that are based on popular favorites, like Ticket to Ride and Carcassone... I think Scrabble used to be available, but the reviews were confusing, so I wasn't sure if you can play it on a single device anymore.


We had not used the iPad for this purpose until recently, when we downloaded Take It Easy, which was the app of the week. It's a cute, quick puzzle game, but the thing we liked was that it has a multiplayer where 2-4 people play against each other on the same iPad. And then I realized we should totally use the iPad for this more often.

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Someone on here recommended a multiplayer math app that I totally forgot the name of! Anyway I downloaded it for my kids to play together.



Eta: It's Operation Math


OhElizabeth, thank you so much for posting the app deals.

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