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Help with Kindle Fire questions pls (for my dad in nursing home)


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we are thinking of getting my dad some kind of Kindle while he is in the nursing home. He doesn't have much else to do or interests. He likes games like solitaire etc. Are there any games pre-loaded on the Kindle? If so, what are they? It says it comes with wifi- does that just mean it can connect to free wifi? I'm not sure if the home has wifi or not. What else can he do it?


And can I take it with me to a Starbucks or something and download some things for him? What would be good to download?


Thanks for any help. I'm clueless with all these electronic things.



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The Kindle Fire (this is the tablet, not the e-reader) does not come with games pre-loaded, but there are thousands of apps that can be downloaded. Some are free, some you have to pay for. Every day, Amazon provides a paid app of some kind for free as a Daily Deal. Some of these are games, some are productivity apps like calculators, etc.


The Fires that are wifi-enabled means you're able to connect to any open wi-fi signal. If the home does not have wi-fi, you can certainly take it with you to any wi-fi hotspot to download new things. There are books, games, videos, audiobooks, and apps that you can get through Amazon.


The ebooks on the Fire are wonderful for readers with the normal issues of aging. You can adjust the font size and background color to make reading easier. Or you can download audiobooks for him to listen to. If you have Prime on your account and you keep the Kindle linked to your account, he would also have access to many free shows and movies (if the home has wi-fi).

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