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Cathy Seeley Faster Isn't Smarter - Messages about Math, Teaching and Learning in the 21st century

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I chance upon this article which got me curious

"Constructive Struggling The Value of Challenging our students"



Then I check out other articles by the same author and found them interesting

"Faster isn't smarter The trap of timed test"


"Untapped potential Moving past the achievement gap"


"A math message to families"


Here is her presentation of common core standards in math




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I wholeheartedly agree with her point in "Faster Isn't Smarter". We had dd9 in an online school this year and the teacher praised her all the time for her math ability. Yet when she was tested for learning disabilities it was recommended that she be put in a remedial classroom for math because she couldn't answer the questions fast enough. Two results also emerged from the test: she scored in the superior range for intelligence and she had a processing speed disorder. She was placed in the remedial math class and clearly did not belong. She was bored to tears and I was amazed at how poorly her skills fit with the other students, who could barely answer the most basic questions. I withdrew her after that experience, in part (although it wasn't the only reason) because I did not want her to learn to hate math.

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