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Marinading? Corned Beef overnight.


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I have some silverside/corned beef I plan to SLOW COOK in the crockpot tommorrow for dinner tommorrow night.


DH usually does the morning things (breakfast, injections etc) before he goes to work, whilst I slowly wake up, stumble round like a zombie and go find a quiet corner for a dose of caffeine. So if the slow cooker was to go on, it would go in in "DH's time" which he is fine with, as long as I leave instructions.


This time, however, I would really like to make it my way. Its corned silverside.


I was wondering if can "pre-make-it" tonight in the crockpot, put it in the fridge, and that way all DH has to do is take it out, and plop it in the crockpot base and turn it on. Is that possible or will it toughen the meat (I know silverside can get tough if you overcook it, even submerged in water, so will being in water overnight wreck the meat or ingrediants?


I tend to do stuff by feel, so I don't really have a recipe, just what feels good at the time. It will be something like onions (halved), roughly chopped carrots, potato and celery, brown sugar, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, stock (or flavouring) water. The stuff in there is all just for flavouring and none will be served with the silverside at the end.


Thank you, must go make tonights dinner now (stuffed yorkshire puddings with creamy mash, gravy and a big salad. nom nom lol!)

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Thanks. I changed the title.


I was thinking that might be the case :( I was just hoping to save hubby some trouble, plus have it all arranged in there how I like it (veges undernearth silverside, adding stuff according to whim etc) Giving instructions to hubby is akin to sending a letter to the government....they may read it, they may lose it, it may be done according to your letter, or they may destroy any hope. rofl. Its a toss-up.


I guess I might have to try having everything ready, but separated and see how it goes....each time I give him something to do, at least I can say its not boring, its always a different surprise lol..I love him dearly rofl.

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