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Going to Houston TX - what to see? Lay it on me!


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Hi Moms -

Well, there's a good chance next week we'll be heading to Houston, TX for a week. Other than be hot in the TX sun what awesome things does Houston have? Tell us what not to miss! I love TX, but live in CA...I'm trying to build my case to move to the Lone Star State ; )



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The Johnson Space Center! We went there last weekend, and my kids loved it. It is an all day thing, so plan accordingly.


The CityPass is a money saver if you plan to do the activities that are on the pass. http://www.citypass.com/houston?mv_source=greaterhoustoncvb


If you want to go a bit further south during your trip (about 30 minutes), Glaveston is fun too. Moody Gardens offers a couple of days of fun, but is significantly more expensive unless you get the value pass and plan to do most of the activities on there. Each student can take a report card from the last 6 weeks for a free ticket to one of the attractions (even homeschool report cards count).


Have fun! Houston has a lot to offer, just plan to sit in traffic a lot. Ugh! We are not big city people, so that is annoying to us lol.

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Um Houston isn't the best city to make the case for moving to Texas. Love Houston for its low cost of living, but it's hot and hazy. Walks outside in shorts and t-shirts are awesome in December. Frying an egg on a sidewalk in August, not so much.


If you're going to Houston during the hot months (May through September), I recommend indoor activities as much as possible. NASA is fun for kids. The science and children's museums are excellent. I haven't been to the aquarium, but I've heard good reviews. The underground tunnels in Downtown are neat to tour. If you can, go to an Astros game; they air condition the stadium. I love going to baseball games; no need to pay constant attention to the action.


If you return in the cooler months, the zoo is fantastic. Other fun activities: the San Jacinto Memorial (Texas War for Independence), the Sam Houston Museum in Huntsville, and Battleship Texas. If your kids are going, read some books on Texas history. We lived outside the state, and I still did a unit on Texas history when we came to that point in SOTW.


Finally, Houston has an excellent restaurant scene. Truly some of the best dining you can get in the US. There are many different offerings of true Asian food like Vietnamese, Thai, Korean. For those who like Southern style food, there are many Cajun, creole, and deep-South restaurants. You can't go wrong with a steak house or BBQ place. You must find a Kolache Factory. I don't know why kolaches aren't offered everywhere. I'm not a foodie, but I don't think bad restaurants are allowed to survive in Houston. I'm sure they're out there; they just don't seem to last long.


If you're interested in wandering farther outside Houston, Blue Bell Ice Cream gives a tour at the Brenham factory. Brenham is in the Hill Country which is a reason to move to Texas. The Kemah boardwalk and Galveston's The Strand are fun with lots of touristy shops. San Antonio has the Riverwalk and the Alamo. Austin is just Austin, weird and beautiful.


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