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When is the Best Time to Buy Math Mammoth?


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So, I'm interested in buying Math Mammoth (I prefer the topical books, but the graded books will do just fine also) how ever I want the whole series. (Grades 1-6 level work) I am aware that it goes on sale a few times a year. However, I don't need the books until closer to August or September, and if there is good reason to expect a better deal to come along, I'd prefer to wait.


Right now, if I buy it from the Kagi Store website I can get 25% off (until May 31st) So for $71.25 I could have the dark blue Math Mammoth series which are the topical books or for $102.00 I could have the light blue curriculum that goes by grade. The books will go for several kids and so Math Mammoth is the most economical solution I can find, I love what I know of the program and I like the way the samples are written and I feel that it is the best fit for my students and me at this moment.

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I remember a sale in November and may. 25% off haven't seen any better unless you want to buy the whole set at the homeschool curriculum coop.?? Not sure the discount or when it will be offered. I buy year by year. I have emailed the author to ask when the sales will be and she had graciously responded.

PS I love MM.

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