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Asking for a friend-if dragonbox is a good fit, what other math program

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might also work?


One of my friends has a DD14 with global learning disabilities (pretty much, name anything with a dys- prefix and she's probably been diagnosed with it, who normally runs years below grade level academically, even though she's of normal intelligence (and I suspect is probably 2e). I've noticed that she's extremely visual. She's a wonderful kid.


Well, DD introduced her younger sister to Dragonbox, and the mom downloaded the first app. The 14 yr old took to it, managing to solve everything at full credit in the span of a couple of hours. Her mom downloaded 12+, and again, the 14 yr old is ripping right through it, loving every minute.



So, obviously, something in Dragonbox is working-so what else is worth trying?

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I know they've tried IXL and ALEKS, and neither were successful.


I have Hands on Equations which I can loan out-I suspect that the worksheets might be overwhelming, though. I think at this point the anxieties and fear of failing that has developed over time is more damaging than the actual LD issues.


I also have the Algebra Lab Gear manual and Algeblocks. I really haven't done much with them because of DD's dislike of manipulatives (she just plain doesn't see the point. I think they're awesome...but that's just me).

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