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App for high school grading/planning

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I think I'm looking for something that does not exist. My PC is on its way to PC heaven. I don't have the money to replace it. I do have an iPad so I won't be totally without a computer. But I need an app for grading/planning the high school years. Something that will build a transcript acceptable to colleges during the application process.


Yes, I know I could build one from scratch paper, a pencil and a rubberband, but I'd rather have something computer generated.


So does anyone know of anything? OLLY isn't available for iPad as an app.

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Yes, I know I could build one from scratch paper, a pencil and a rubberband


It doesn't seem to exist all in one app yet.


Your scratch paper:


Evernote (see www.thesecretweapon.org for a way to get started setting it up) The nice thing about Evernote is that it's "in the cloud" so you can edit your work on a library computer via the Evernote website and have it show up on your ipad. If you get a computer someday you can download Evernote for Mac or PC desktop version and instantly have all your notes sync up.


Your rubber band:


Homeschool Helper -- Will store your gradebook and reading lists, which you can use to make a professional looking transcript. When your Evernote-based course plans are in "checklist" form, you can also enter the lessons into this app and it will make daily to-dos. (But if you're like me and make several revisions to your course plans as you go, you'll like Evernote for it's editability over HH for working out the details first.)


Your pencil:


Pages -- The only word processor for ipad that makes professional looking documents that I have found

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