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9-month break between College Algebra and Precalculus ??

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My 11th grade dd passed a college algebra course with a B. This was for her first semester of 11th grade. The university only offers precalculus to high schoolers in the fall session, so she has not done any math since December.


She will be taking Precalculus at the University in the fall.


She is afraid she has forgotten much and hopes the class will not be too difficult.


Any suggestions for regular review before September?


Prior to college algebra, she used Saxon Advanced Math about 2/3 way through the book. I am not familiar with other textbooks. I wondered if Teaching Textbooks Precalculus might be worthwhile? Please, any other suggestions?

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another computer online option with a free 2 month trial is Aleks. I got this link from some magazine's email blast last week.



you can browse the courses (I've linked to the ones they list in higher ed section since you're looking at dual enrollment classes)



if you still have your Saxon advanced book, you could have to her redo stuff from there? My dd started with aleks trig course after finishing saxon advanced. I flipped a coin between trig and pre calc. and it was plenty of new topics.

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Precalculus courses pack a lot into a semester, so anything she can do to maintain/improve on her college algebra and learn ahead on the trig and precalculus would be helpful. Since you already have the Advanced Math, I'd suggest she just continue where she left off with that, or maybe back up a bit and go from there. She should be able to get any help she needs at the college even if she's not currently taking a math class there.

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