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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

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Good morning Everyone! Who's going to tackle Monday with me? (or Tuesday if you are on the other side of the pond.)


Clean kitchen

Sort all laundry and start digging in.


School -

Need to sit down with ds15 and his syllabi

Need to figure out what's next in dd's history


Go through refrigerator - throw out all old food and reorganize.

Figure out what I need and buy it.

Make sure I add toilet cleaner to the list.

Clean the toilet.


Ds15 - work on leveling the berm of dirt out front.

Dd - work on going through one box of junk in her room.


Figure out my life.


Call Mom and Dad

Find out if I have the same assistant for camp as I did last year. Coordinate games/ crafts.

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Definitely tackling today...or more like bulldozing.


First priority...We have to get the kids' rooms completely picked up and cleaned. The leak we discovered in girlss room (wet carpet) and thought was fixed wasn't. We discovered that not only is the leak making girls' carpet wet, it's in the boys' carpet much wetter. So, it is affecting an area of about 75-100 square feet. We think there is a leak in the pipes for the hose, because it's right there and because we'd been using the hose right before both times. So we're expecting maintenance out at some point and want to be ready for whenever he shows up. I sure hope it is an easy fix...like reachable from the crawlspace and no major damage.


Then the big kids need to do some school...not that I have assignments ready.


Need to do math with DS.


Need to do other cleaning.


Need to start catching up on grading.


Need to dig out the bookshelf in the garage and set it up in the school room so I can put away the books I bought this weekend.


My tutoring student is coming today.


Have to go to the food co-op for organic potatoes to plant.


Have to go to the nursery for more seed and annuals for DD13 to plant.


There's no way I'm getting it all done.

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DD is sick and didn't get out of bed until 9. So far, I've paid for child care, and dropped our "new" vehicle off for an oil change and a look at the cooling system (it keeps trying to overheat).


DS was NOT happy to be left at home when I left, but did it because he needs to get used to it. At the beginning of June that will be our routine 3 days/wk. (We had to go down to part time at his child care center, where he is perfectly happy to be left).


To do:


Relaxed schoolwork with DD

Refill the hand soap dispensers in the bathrooms and kitchen

Eliminate at least 1 cardboard box full of randomness sitting in the schoolroom


Pharmacy pick-up

Vehicle pick-up

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I've folded 5 loads of laundry. I only put away those that belong to DH and I. The rest is for the littles, and I'm holding off on putting theirs away until I figure out their room situation. DD3's bed is over the area that I think is probably the wettest. Her drawers are part of her bed, which I may move. I'd rather move the bed with empty drawers than full ones. I might have to move the boys' dresser as well.

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11 am check in:


Called Mom and Dad

Called my big Sissy

Laundry is sorted. The second load of the day is in the wash. One load is in the dryer.

I have gone through the last two weeks of mail.

I got the invitation I've been asking everyday for to my niece's wedding! I'm grumpy since whoever brought in the mail last didn't tell me it was here.

I printed out dd's L.A. work.

Ds15 and I had a "come to Jesus" meeting about his Geometry. Let's just say that "we" (ie. the Queen and I) are not amused.


Dd is nagging me to actually teach her L.A.

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Monday night here.





Emptied and reloaded dishwasher


Post Office (to mail stuff and pick up packages)

Vacuumed rugs in LR and DR



Wiped down counters

Griped at James Bond for spreading his military gear out all over the floor so I couldn't sweep

Gave up on sweeping and took a nap

Watched Game of Thrones (Squeee!)


Took Indy to Scouts

Went to the commissary

Picked Indy up from Scouts


And now JB and I are getting ready to watch Duck Dynasty. And eat cake. Life is better with cake!

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The girls' room is all cleaned up vacuumed, and ready for whenever the property management decides to get around to calling me about this leak. All of the width of DD13's bed is wet. About half the width under DD3's bed is wet. The dry area is the area I'd expect to be the most wet since it is next to the wall that is shared with the boys' room, and the boy's room is also wet. I don't understand why there would be a dry area between the two wet areas. The dry area is also the area closest to the hose faucet. Weird.


I culled too small clothing from DD3's closet and hung up her clean clothes.


Everyone has been fed lunch.

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Done so far:

Put away jam/canning supplies

Put jam in pantry

Help ds8 clean room


Start new crochet project/watch 30 minutes of MST3K "The Movie"

Help dds set up sprinkler


To Do:

Clean bathroom

Assist/follow up with ds on Eagle stuff (BSA)

Make dinner

Supervise garage/yard clean-up


Lunch: tuna salad w/ crackers, bananas

Dinner: ham and bean casserole, salad, dinner rolls




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JoAnn, I hope you get the leak found and fixed very soon.


The neighbor came home and helped me diagnose the leak. It is indeed the hose. The good news is that it is not leaking when the hose is turned off. So, we won't be using it at all for the time being. The bad news is that they'll need to cut into the walls to fix it. The property management company is waiting to hear back from the owner before they can send someone out.


I finished cleaning up and vacuuming in the boys' room. I want to cull some bins they have on shelves to get rid of stuff they aren't using and make room for boy scout and astronomy notebooks. I also did math with DS11 and tutored my reading student. I also spent some time outside so the littles could play a bit.


Next up...visiting the nursery for seeds and annuals for the boxes my neighbor made me and the food co-op for organic potatoes to sprout for planting.

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Bought flowers for DD13's flower boxes. She opted to go to a friend's house instead of go to the nursery with me, and doesn't like what we picked. Tough...next year she can come like planned. While there, I got another tomato plants, a package of pole beans, and a bag of organic potatoes for sprouting. Then I picked up DD.


Next up...dishes and dinner. DH is grilling chicken. I'll make sides of some sort...likely salad and something.

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7:30 I'm making dinner and hoping my sugar doesn't crash too hard. It is already 86. I'm munching on an appetizer of strawberries to bring it up some.

It was 148 at dinner time (6 pm) so I put off eating. Instead, I talked to RC on the phone and went grocery shopping. Oh - and I cleaned out the refrigerator.

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