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What is your summer schedule?


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Starting to get worried here...


How do I keep these kids occupied without using screens?


They will do math every morning (we have always done this thru the summer, so they expect it).

They will read for approximately one hour per day.

They will swim daily.

They will do chores daily.

They will have time with friends a few times per week, depending on schedules.

They will have one hour of screen time per day, during the day. Possibly a little in the evening if Dad wants to watch a movie or play Xbox with them.


And....then what? What do you do with the kids in the summer?

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They play outside. Build forts, dig holes, catch pet bugs, make fairy villages, run through the sprinkler, wash the car, etc. I don't plan things for them - they are responsible for entertaining themselves (although I keep a list of suggestions in case they are having a hard time.)

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Summer. Oh how I love summer. It's the only time of year that the weather here is worth a hoot! We spend a lot of time swimming at the lake, playing tennis, taking walks, hiking, playing at the park, checking out local beaches, and hanging out friends.... We do the Kids Bowl Free program. We seek out the free days at local museums (we are within 1 hr of 3 art museums, a flight museum, a history museum, and a glass museum that all offer free days monthly). We have a membership to a local children's museum and a zoo. We take part in the free kids movie programs offered by local movie theaters.


The kids do a few summer camps (church camp, VBS, scout camp, sports camp, etc.). This helps out greatly when they coincide with weeks where I am doing vacation coverage at the clinic and work 4-5 days.



1) I plan to have each child work through one Life of Fred book (reading and math combined).


2) I have some science kits, art projects, and a large set of Snap Circuits they can work on independently or with a little help. I put them outside on the patio with whatever kit they want to use and they come and get me when they need help or are done with the kit.


3) We have SOTW on CD as well as audio books and classical music for road trips.


4) We live near a local wildlife preserve and are planning bi-monthly walks and bird study with journaling of what they see (science, art, and writing).


But mostly, we have fun.

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What do you do on weekends? I guess summer can be considered one long weekend. Our schedule has never changed because we school year round but my kids have always had lots of free time. I played with them sometimes and they entertained themselves for the rest of the time. We had a backyard with a trampoline and swing set. They had oodles of toys, lego sets, art supplies, puzzles, workbooks and reading books.

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We go to dollar movies at our local theater. We participate in the summer reading program at the local library. Also, their sports (gymnastics) continues throughout the summer so we keep that up. We also plan out play dates with cousins that are public schooled and on break. Typically activities such as water balloon wars, nerf wars, picnics at parks, etc.. typically only once a week though.


Schedule wise, we do chores first thing, then our schooling unless it is movie day.


We are also planning more activities such as oil painting, water color painting, sculpting, etc. at home. Just getting messy and having fun :D

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Rebecca's going to be at gymnastics from 9-2:30 M, T, and Th and from 9-1 on Fridays. We have to get up at about 7 and she won't be back home until near 4 due to our commute and DH picking her up after work.


Sylvia's my main concern; she has no activities and loves screen time.


I've got both girls on Summer Bridge, they can also do splash pad and bowling with Dad. Summer reading at the library is all through June and I'll take Sylvia to as much as possible around taking Rebecca to gymnastics. I think there's a VBS at a friend's church in June and one at our usual church in July. AHG day camp should be the last week in July/first week of August.


I'm probably going to add some vocabulary and a CLP Nature Reader for Sylvia. I'm thinking of making some index cards like someone suggested on the education board. I should also pull some books for assigned reading, plus we'll do more RAs in the summer.

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Indy has always gone to a summer program, but this year he doesn't want to. He will be going to Scout Camp for a week in June and we're going on holiday in early July for a few days. He requested that we do part time school (half days, 3 days a week) over the summer, so he could explore Egypt and Greece in more depth and so he wouldn't forget his Latin and Greek vocabulary. We might even toss in a bit of science. Other than that, he can go outside or to a friend's house or he can find something to do. I will let him watch some TV and he'll be allowed to play Wii on the weekends, but he won't be sitting around watching TV all day. That's MY job during the summer. ;)

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