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SOTW 1 Memory Work

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I am interested in CC, but for time and financial reasons, can't participate. However, I would like to incorporate some CC "light" ideas into our work. For example, we focused on American History in Kindergarten and are working on memorizing states and capitals as well as presidents. What would you recommend for first grade history using SOTW 1 as a spine? Names of Pharohs? Greek gods? I'm stumped. :bigear:

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Look at the history cards on Hannah's home school helps yahoo group. The have memory sentences. If you are a Christian, I think books of the bible are good to know, and they go with Ancients year. We did some work with Roman Rulers and capital cities.

Do you have the book Living Memory? Great resource.

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We are on our 2nd time through w/SOTW vol. 1 (first time was with my odd, a 1st grader at the time. Now we are back to ancients and she is 5th and ydd is 3rd) I have never done the pharoahs like WTM suggests. We are doing the Books of the Bible instead. I wanted it to be something useful to them. Then dd10 in logic stage is also doing the memorywork listed in WTM edition 2 logic stage ancients: the lists of wars and the list of Roman emperors. We don't do the long lists like CC. We start slowly, adding a bit at a time, as we get there in history, building it longer over the years. Plus we keep up last year's lists. So we review the states and the presidents pretty regularly as well. Then we try to do some poetry a couple of times a year as well when it fits into history, and sometimes just because.

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