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Prentice Hall users, do I have this right?


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The Teacher's Editions do not contain the answers for the Guided Reading and Study Workbook, right? Is this true of all of the Teacher's Editions or just the particular book I own? Do any of the PH materials contain a quick reference sheet with the answers to the Guided Reading and Study Workbooks? BTW, I love these workbooks, especially for the price.


Just looking for the quickest way to check my children's work...

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This does seem to be right. There's apparently a All-in-one Teacher Resources book that has the answers. I got this info from :http://www.thehomeschoollibrary.com/forum/540-00-science-curricula-reviews/1712-540-00-prentice-hall-science-explorer.html


Now, could you share with me were you got the workbooks? I feel a little clueless about where to go about getting them.



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The answers to the workbooks are only in the expensive All-in-One Teacher's Manual.


The Guided Reading and Study Workbooks can be found here:


Click on the book you want. You will see it listed for approx $3.47.


I have samples of the workbook. Email me if you would like it.

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