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Interactive Science Notebooks? Help!

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After reading threads on the forums, I am rethinking how we 'do' science here.


Please keep in mind I am completely ignorant of even the most basic things when it comes to science.....


I would like to really focus on the scientific method this year, via earth & space science...I have two daughters aged 7 & 10


I have just purchased this book:


Teaching Science With Interactive Notebooks



And the idea of these notebooks is delicious! Exploration, interest led, projects based.


-I would not be able to 'teach' science this way - as I am no scientist, so would need to reply on a text as my spine - so how could I combine these two ideas? Does anyone have thoughts to offer on this?


(I have already purchased REAL science earth & space)


Thanks for reading!

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I'll take a stab at it having done science notebooks for 2-3 years with similar aged kids but not with the resources you've mentioned.


Specifically for scientific method at this age we worked on observing like a scientist. We started with sorting buttons into piles and describing why we sorted them, size, color, function. It helps to work on separate senses. Touch observations can be isolated by putting mystery observations in a bag. Smelling observations can be isolated by being blindfolded. The goal is to widen the variety and detail of the describing words and add accurate measuring words.


The next concept was to help the kids with guessing/ estimating then testing. How many bounces will this ball bounce when dropped from this height?

We usually use a table of columns and rows to label what we're estimating and the actual results. I ask them for a conclusion sentence. What did we actually prove?

Then a title that includes main concept we explored.


Lifting Magnets


# of magnets guess how many paper clips picked up actual number of paper clips picked up



1 5 9


2 10 13


3 15 20


More magnets lift more paperclips.


As skills progress, they may want to design their own experiments and learn to only change one factor per test.

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