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Map Work like that in Biblioplan

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Dd has used BP Years 1 & 2 the last 2 years, but we are not going to use Years 3 & 4. She wants to do American history in one year, and they spread it over two years. I've been very happy with the weekly map work she has done in BP because she really knows the whole Europe/Middle Eastern area extremely well. I would love to continue giving her weekly map work to learn the rest of the world and US, but I don't think I could use BP's maps easily without the Companion. I don't think I should invest that kind of money into it when there is probably something else out there I could use.


Do any of you know of a map curriculum I could find that would do something similar, giving outline maps week after week filling in some of the same stuff continually so that you learn it well? I know I could plan it out myself, but I hate to do that if there's something good out there.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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Do you think that you really need a geography program for US History? I think you'd only need simple maps of the US, Mexico, Central America, and Canada for western expansion and political events of the early 20th century. Maps of Hawaii and US overseas possessions in the Pacific Ocean such as Wake Island, American Samoa, and Hawaii would be useful. Were you intending to look at overseas maps during WWI and WWII?


Many of those maps are available for free as an Internet download, so I don't see why you'd need a curriculum for that.


I'm curious to know what you decide. Please share if you discover a curriculum that fits.

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I am looking for it so that she will learn the rest of world geography as well as she has those areas. It doesn't have to match up with American history because her history curriculum will include some historical map work. I found MP's geography and wonder if it will fit the bill. Their Geography II covers the areas she needs the most.

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I've heard great reviews about Visualize World Geography, but it is very expensive. Sheppard's software has very helpful and engaging games, 10 min a day does wonders. Also my daughter would draw a continent for a couple of weeks (first she would trace it, then she would look at it & draw it and eventually draw it without looking). This approach if consistently followed was very helpful.

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