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I will never understand the tracking on Amazon of packages shipped USPS/DHL

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I ordered something on August 1.


Later that day, it said it had departed from Lexington, KY.


The next day it said it shipped from Ohio.

Friday night, it had arrived in Hazelwood, MO (St. Louis suburb)

Saturday, it arrived at my local post office

This morning, it was out for delivery.

Now it says it arrived at Bridgeton MO (another St. Louis suburb), at 7 am, and then it says it arrived again at my local post office at 1:30 pm.



It's not like this package is urgent or anything, but it's just been puzzling to wonder where it really is. This seems to be the way when things are shipped USPS/DHL. They bounce around all over the place for several days, then they just show up.

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Strange, isn't it? One company that I buy from uses UPS to send the parcel to my local post office who then delivers it. :confused:


I have Prime shipping from Amazon, and if I learn a package has gone DHL, I just hunker down for the long haul; they can never get a package to my house the first day. :glare: I believe the name stands for Drop (anyw)Here & Leave.



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wonder if it is a Texas thing or a DHL thing? UPS is awesome...DHL not as much.


I think it's a DHL thing. Every package they've delivered here has been late and/or damaged in some way. I saw in the back of their truck one day - there was nothing to keep things from jostling around, sliding across the floor, etc. What's with that? There should be bins, ropes, shelves, or something to keep things safe and organized. Give me my nice, friendly, organized UPS guy any day! He even delivered a package to me that was mistakenly addressed with a house number blocks away that didn't even exist. He recognized my name, so brought it here to ask if it was mine. That's service. :)

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