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Looking for a List of Plant Observation Questions

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Homeschool Freebie of the Day has two early elem plant books right now. My personal list would include


How does it look?

-how many leaves?

-how tall?

-what shape are the leaves/flowers?

-what color?

-how many leaves/flowers grow together?


How does it feel?

-touch the bark/stem

-touch the leaves/flowers/fruit


Who visits?

-look for bugs on the leaves

-look for bugs at the root

-sit back and watch for flying insects


Where is it?

-in a garden? wild?

-in the sun? shade?


How does it grow?

-are seeds in fruit?

-does the wind blow pollen/seeds?

-does it send out runners?



Meant for late elementary, there is a great set of books from No Child Left Indoors called Take A ____ Walk (Tree, Beach, City, Bird...) that teaches different plant observation techniques.

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Thanks for the suggestions and resources! I have a GREAT list for animal observation from Elemental Science that will serve us well for all of our creature studies... but my Googling efforts did not yield a similar list that we could apply to all plants... and so Lily Grace - I really appreciate your list - this is great!

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