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Does anyone have Rainbow Ants?

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I can't even believe that I'm even considering getting this. I really don't like insects of any kind. Buuuutt...maybe dd would enjoy it along with our biology next year. In the description it says you don't have to feed them (you somehow prepare it ahead of time with sugar water). If you have this ant farm, can you tell me if that is really true (that you don't have to do any feeding or watering)? I mean....I haven't a clue about ant farms and what is needed to maintain them. How long do the ants last? How secure is it (any worry about them escaping)? When they are dead...I guess you just throw the whole thing out?? And, back to my initial comment....do I even want to consider doing this? Seriously, tell me if I do or not. :001_unsure:

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