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new to HSing - north of Boston

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I'm Chelsea- I'll be home schooling my two this coming year, although we will start in the summer. My kids are soot to be 6 and soon to be 8, so first and second grade in the fall.


I have a few plans so far-


We have already started REAL science Odyssey Life. We all really like it so far- seems very hands out. We will be doing the animal and plant secions from now through the early fall. Then we will do the human body in the winter.


We will be doing Singapore Math. My son is going to do 1A and my daughter will do the 1A book for review and then do 1B. They didn't get a lot of math at their school this year, and I think they will do well with the review.


They have both been in private school - my son for kindy and my daughter for kindy and first. We were very disappointed this year with so many things. I have always wanted to home school anyways, though, so I'm hoping we all are happy with the new arrangement.


I'm a little nervous about "socialization"- mainly because my daughter really needs a couple close friends in order to be happy and my son needs a lot of social interactions- not with the same kids all the time though, he's happy with anyone! I'd like to hook up with some local home schooling families. We are just north of Boston.

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Welcome! Have you gone to the Mass Home Learners' Association (MHLA) site? They have a list of local homeschooling groups so you could find real people, email lists, etc. near you. There are tons of homeschoolers around - I doubt you'll have to worry about socialization. :)


There are also a few statewide lists - the MHLA one, AHEM (Advocates for Home Education in MA) - both secular, and a Christian one I can't remember the name of.

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