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What sequence does IEW suggest for their literature resources?

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I am looking at the Institute for Excellence in Writing site and considering what to do for ds 8th next year. I have Teaching the Classics that I planned to go through myself. Would you do Teaching the Classics and it's worldview supplement with the syllabus first, then Windows to the World, and then the two Excellence in Literature courses? Or, are TtC with the supplement and Windows redundant?


Do they recommend anything for 8th or perhaps just work through TtC myself and apply it to our readings, then move into their materials formally in 9th?

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They sell a syllabus to do TtC and WttW together in one year. It's listed here. I used TtC when there was a free 6 week syllabus on the Yahoo Group, but I haven't used Windows to the World. After looking at the TOC just now, I wonder if I should have. I looked at the two Excellence in Literature courses at the convention yesterday, and they truly are self-directed. Each book (9 the whole year) has 4 weeks of assignments with writing and other types of projects. There are lots of websites listed as references for the authors, time periods, and other matters related to the books. There are no teacher guides, so there aren't discussion questions for a teacher to use. I did TtC with dd at the beginning of 9th, but she had attended a literature and writing class the year before which was offered by a retired English teacher.

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