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Coding/Computer stuff for logic stage kids?

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I am WAY behind in technology, though I used to be great with computer programming and fixing. I should get my oldest three into more computer programming or coding to keep up, and since they are interested.




I am way underqualified to teach them

I have basically zero dollars-so no outside classes or expensive programs.

We have a mac and can not and will not buy another PC.


Ideas for good, easy to learn programs using Apple computers? Preferably ones that are easy to teach and assume you have the intelligence of a chimpanzee (well, the teacher) or are self-teaching?

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Yes, thanks for the links. Google and the search function on here are both being very unhelpful. Has anyone else had a problem with searching? Thanks for the ideas, I'll have them check them out tomorrow!



Yes, its not as user friendly as the last forum software. However I've discovered a few good tricks to getting a better result.

1. Go to the top level education forum and search from there.

2. Use the advanced search option to the right of the search box - its a little gear looking widget.

3. Search title only



Another great option using Google is to enter the search criteria followed by site:forums.welltrainedmind.com. I use this with pretty good success:

programming site:forums.welltrainedmind.com

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