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Tips for Avoiding or Dealing with Mental Confusion

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I had an embarrassing medical problem after exercising the other night. My blood sugar got too low and I started to cry uncontrollably. I was confused and didn't know why I was crying. Because it happened to be a goodbye party for my instructor, people automatically thought that I was emotionally distraught over her leaving. I knew that was not the case but I was not thinking straight and could not figure out what was wrong with me and how to articulate my needs. I was within easy access of food but again, because of my mental confusion I didn't even think about getting any. It was only later when I got home that my family thought to get me food and I was able to physically come out of it. My friends have been great. We talked over what had happened when I saw them again last night and they've made a pact to force-feed me if they ever see me like that again! But the whole situation has freaked me out a bit. Most people in the class (including many of the people who actually know me) did not see me because my natural instinct was to try and hide in the bathroom. The people who did see me were strangers or very casual acquaintances who naturally thought I was having an emotional crisis, not a medical one. Do you think that telling my friends is enough? I'm hoping that being more aware myself of this possibility will help me I identify it as a hypoglycemic episode sooner but if I'm confused, I'm not sure if I can count on myself knowing that. Should I have some kind of a card that I can give people so they know that I'm diabetic and I might be having a problem? Has anyone else had this happen to them or a loved one?

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This has happened to me due to low blood sugar after exercise, though in addition to crying I was also unable to speak coherently, so it was maybe more obvious it was a medical thing. Fortunately dh was there and recognized the problem. I have since made sure both my instructors and *several* people in the class know the signs and what is best to feed me (to work quickly but not spike it up too high either - people who don't know much about it tend to want to give me something sugary like chocolate :scared: ). Also, over the years I have gotten better at recognizing the signals before it gets that bad. I carry post class snacks with me for every class too, and stop in the middle of class to eat if necessary.


ETA - I don't have a med alert bracelet. I have considered it, just never thought it was serious enough to warrant one. It probably would be a good idea though.

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Truscifi, I was only partly coherent. People just thought I couldn't talk because of crying. I haven't had this happen in a long time so I think it caught me off guard.


:grouphug: Yeah, that happens. But now you've had a refresher and hopefully will be more able to recognize it if it happens again.

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