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"keep him challenged"

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my 7.5 yo is 2e. looking at his IQ testing he is very high in verbal and average in non-verbal (the PhD doing the testing, who also saw him for 2 years says when he is 8 to have him re-tested so that he can be dx with a non-verbal LD since his verbal and non-verbal scores are so different).


We don't really have a working DX for his challenges we DID but then we started with a new doctor who kinda started over, and he is getting better results but really hasn't made any dx. but we have some clear challanges.


Frankly, i see the test scores, but i don't "see" a lot of the gifted. he is working at grade level in math and phonics -- he might be excelling more if we didn't struggle so much with attention.


However I keep have professional tell me 1. it is good you are homeschooling, i don't think he'd be challenged enough in the public school and that would lead to trouble and 2. you need to keep him challenged.


(this is his shrink, our family therapist talking here)


so my question is this -- if he is pretty much working on grade level -- and the work is not too easy for him (I mean it is not hard, but it is not overly simple i do not think) -- what do i do to keep him challenged I would love to push more -- but with his attention i am really doing as much as i can right now.



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Sometimes straight curriculum just has to be done in order and does not allow much room for drawing outside the lines. Maybe you could try some supplemental items and see how he reacts - like zaccarro primary challenge math or singapore challenging word problems, to see if he'll rise to the occasion? Try to get him reading more advanced fiction books and see if he likes it. Give him more opportunities for free writing and see if he gets creative with it. try to feed his interests instead of focusing on the grade-level books

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My 2E verbal kids keep themselves challenged with books ... always have! When a child learns to read, the whole world suddenly becomes an open door.


this is my hope. i actually expected him to take to reading more than he has. he is doing ok, but i had really expected to see him excell. :(

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