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Notebooking pages. Is it worth it to buy them?

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Just came across the Ancients bundle by NotebookingPages at CurrClick. Anyone use these before? I'm wondering if they will go well with SOTW. They are about $20 and that's worth it to me if it means that I don't have to make my own!


But I'm just really curious if anyone else uses NotebookingPages for SOTW and if they find that they were worth the purchase.



Liz in NC

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I've used these notebooking pages alot! I'm just starting STOW, So not sure how I'll use them yet. But w/ our American History last year, I used a lot of these Notebooking sets, I have my kids do their writing on a page that correlates w/ the writing. for ex; Civil war, I find a notebooking paper that has a graphic that matches up w/ the assignment. I've really liked using them


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I will use a blank page that has a box at the top for DS to draw his picture and lines below to write his narration. Last year I purchased tons of notebooking sets and spent tons of time correlating them to SOTW1. In the end, we rarely read the captions and when we did the information would be different enough to confuse him.


The one thing I did really like is that there was a printed page blank and ready to go in his notebook for each chapter. That made us get it done!! I think this year I will go ahead and print 42 blank pages and file them with our work for each chapter so I have that same reminder to get it done!

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