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History for 5 year old? Anyone use First Timeline?


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I'm looking for something simple to do as a history overview for a five-year-old....kind of like an introduction to the big picture before we go at it slower in first grade (i.e. SOTW, 4 years.) I've read a little bit about First Timeline book (Ye Hedge School) and pictoral timeline and also History for Little Pilgrims (CLP). I appreciate the History of Little Pilgrim's Protestant perspective, but hear that it mostly justcovers Bible and US history. I like the look of the First Timeline sample, and also that it covers more history from around the world. However, the publisher seems to be strongly Catholic...will I object to a lot of the lesson topics and materials as a Protestant? Or will I find most of the lessons useable?


I'd love to know your thoughts if you've used these...

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I have never looked at First Timeline.


We are about to start Heart of Dakota Little Hearts which uses History for Little Pilgrim and History Stories for Children. I really like what I have read so far and love that we are getting Bible history first.


I'm off to look at First Timeline!

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I have been doing SOTW as a read- aloud only ( we ode the coloring pages, but don't do activities or extra books). I read 3ish chapters a week, and she begs for more. We're about to finish SOTW 1, we will go right into 2. I'm a little concerned about 4 especially (I know the later books are geared to older kids) so I may need a new plan at some point, but SOTW 1 has been perfect for us.

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I normally don't look at this board, but I happened to notice that this

thread was about the First Timeline book that my DD just finished.


I've used First Timeline with both of my kids.

I love it as a first, very quick introduction to history because each of

the 40 sections are super short, most less than a page,

so you get a quick overview of world history, from Adam and Eve

to "yourself", including people from Europe, the Middle East,

Asia, and the Americas. There are also several sections on

different "alphabets" which helps emphasize the importance of

reading and writing to children who are first learning those skills.

My kids also loved coloring the pictures.


It is *very* Catholic and includes many religious references,

including saints, a pope, mass, and other Catholic concepts.

You *might* be able to use it as a read-aloud by pre-reading

and editing parts to fit your worldview.


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Thanks for the suggestions and feedback.


I'm glad SOTW 1 works for so many people...it is my least favorite in the series, so I doubt I'll start with that. Part of why I liked First Timeline was their timeline with line drawings, but I think I will make my own using resized pictures from dltk coloring pages. I've been interested in the Simply Charlotte Mason History Guides-- the first year is mostly Bible with some intro to Ancient Egypt. So I may use that...

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