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Packing for a week in Disney. What am I forgetting??


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I think packing for trips is soooo hard! I have to pack all of my stuff plus stuff for 4 kids. I am very envious of my husband right now who only packs for himself! Having a baby makes it especially difficult because I'm running through my head diapers, wipes, sippy cups, etc.


Anything besides the usual clothes/ swimsuits/ sunscreen that I'm not thinking of?


Or any Disney tips in general? I've never been!

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If you Google "packing for Disney", you will find a ton of lists that people have put together. I did this the first time we went and it can be overwhelming. The lists do help with remembering things that might be good to have.


Do you get to drive and have your own car, or do you have to pack for flights? Are you going to Disney World or Land?

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Here is what I tell my mother: there are stores in Florida.


Try not to worry about forgetting basics like wipes or diapers. I'll tell you what I I tell my mom, 'there is nothing here you can't easily buy there." Also, hotels have wash cloths. :)


If you are flying you cannot bring large bottles of sunscreen etc on the plane. (Unless you are checking bags; which I do not recommend.)


If you are driving you will pass many Walmarts. :)

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If you are going soon, or in the summer, it usually rains hard, briefly in the afternoon. It's cheaper to bring your own plastic ponchos that to buy them at Disney. (even the thin 99-cent ones work fine) Also the Target store on Route 192 near Disney Westgate has a lot of Disney merchandise at good prices. Have fun!

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When my dc were little, I got sheets of printable labels like you would put on mailing envelopes. I typed info & printed out the sheets of labels to include in our luggage. I put dh's & my cell phone numbers, the name of our hotel, and some basic contact info. Then, as the kids got dressed each morning, I stuck one upside down on the inside bottom of their tee-shirts. This way, if they got lost or separated, they would have our contact info on them (just flip up the bottom edge of the shirt in order to read it). Plus, we went over how to find a park employee, what to do if separated, etc.... Knowing they had the info on them gave us all peace of mind. (Just try to remember to remove the stickers at the end of the day before the shirts go through the wash & dryer. :tongue_smilie: )


Have fun!!!

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Pack detergent. Clothes can be washed, forgots can be bought. Keep your list short and simple - but add detergent.


Dh and I took our last trip to Disney Paris. 2yo, 13yo, and a 5-day stay. Everyone got two pairs of pants, 4 shirts, socks, undies, and a sweatshirt/thin jacket. Four people in two suitcases. No diaper bag - I took a backpack and threw a wetbag in there with a thin waterproof mat and extra change for the wee'un. I DID pack a few extras for us, though:

-the collapsible boxes we use in the wee'un's room. They were used to organize our hotel room.

-gummies in the shape of Disney characters. We don't eat that junk at home but it made a nice treat while waiting in line for practically pennies.


We bought one or two souvenirs per person - they don't really need a lot of junk and at the point we're at, it's just nice to continue small collections like pin trading. And it saves packing room, too. :)

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Packing IS hard for a big group! We do fly and we definitely check lots of bags! I like to be prepared, We still forget things though and I have peace about it. I always set aside $50 for things like that. And I do not feel bad using it!


We pack diapers in all available space lol. We take a bag (checked) with all liquids. We do keep small trial size bottles in the quart bags, along with toothpaste,etc. The kids carry on swim suits and pj's(one set) just in case baggage is late.


Things we have forgotten:

toothbrushes(and I'm a hygienist.hehe)

swim diapers



Things we have "almost" forgotten:

cell phone/camera chargers

memory card for camera-sil forgot this her last trip to DW



What we like to bring:

A microfiber towel(small) This has come in handy COUNTLESS times-usually for wiping rain off of seats.

breakfast snacks(granola bars, cereal bars...)

homemade autograph books and passports

costumes for the girls-princess-Sooooo expensive there and really enhances the experience for them.




I like to pile all "like" things together ie all Pj's etc so no one's is forgotten.


Have fun!!!!!!!!!

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Camera battery charger and SD card.


Phone chargers

Extra contacts ( i always lose/rip a contact on vacation) and contacts case/solution



While I agree anything can be bought, a list calms me and rebuying stuff I already own makes me rage lol. I mean I dont care if I rebuy sunscreen or diaper wipes but not phone chargers and other expensive items.

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If you own plastic ponchos. If you do not, they are not $ in Disney. The last thing they want you to do is leave when it is raining. If you happen not to have ponchos, you can purchase them pretty cheaply in the parks. If you have them, pack them, but don't go shopping for them. Also, consider the season. If it rains in August you are only going to get a cooling. Once the sun comes out you will be dry in no time.



I'm pretty sure they're around $10 each in the parks. They know people are desperate! :)


Basic medicines are good to have. We bring adult and children's Advil, Imodium, Tums, etc. They're $$$ in the resort gift shops. Also, band-aids (especially the kind for blisters). A little bottle/tube of aloe vera in case you miss a spot with the sunscreen.


Thick pens that don't bleed through paper are great for autographs.


Large ziplock bags are handy. When my kids were smaller, I put an entire outfit down to unders and socks and hair doodles in one. Now I still have some of the same bags that stay in our suitcases. I throw a few in our park bags too. If it does rain, I stick my camera inside a large one and I have smaller, quart freezer bags for our phones. And car keys! The key fobs do not like getting wet. Also good for water rides. We keep all of our gadget cords and chargers in one big bag that I write a list on the front in Sharpie to double check we haven't forgotten any.


There are some excellent lists on Disboards.


Have a great trip!

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I pack what I think we need, and then I stop by the Target or Walmart just down the road from every location we stay at. I no longer stress about packing, period. There are stores and laundry mat facilities nearby every attraction we have ever been too, and that takes the stress right out of remembering everything we could need for a week. The kids routinely get new clothes of some kind on trips lol. Sunglasses are a frequent vacation purchase as are hats and beach shoes.

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I agree with Library Lover. It's fine to think ahead, but don't stress. You really can buy stuff there.


That said, for some reason if someone is going to get sick, they do it in the middle of the night, so I like to travel with a couple of doses of fever reducer and decongestant/cough suppression for each age group.


In terms of what I like to have in the parks with us, I've found that these are the things that make us most miserable if we don't have them:

  • a water bottle for everyone (tuck them in the bottom of the stroller)
  • sunscreen
  • sun glasses or a hat
  • bandaids
  • a granola bar per person in case someone decides they are starving while waiting in a long line
  • a complete change of clothes for anyone 5 and under (my kids love the splash fountains in Epcot, for example, and a wet kid will ruin anyone's day)

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I premeasure detergent into ziplock sandwich bags and pack a roll of quarters. Then I plan to do one or two loads of laundry while I am there, about halfway through.


I also throw in breakfast or snack bars for quick breakfasts on our way to the parks. We are very much in the "be at the park when it opens" camp, and eating breakfast while waiting for the ferry is one of my sweetest memories of trips when my kids were younger.



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Are you driving or flying? If you are driving, don't sweat it, you can shop or get things after you get there if you need them.


Will you have access to a laundry facility? We only take 3 sets of clothing per person. One to wear in the car and two to wear when we get there. We do laundry while there at least every other day.


The biggest thing I forgot one year is MY SUIM SUIT! I am very, very picky and need a suit to cover/hide/suck it in, etc......I ended up not going in that year because I drove all the way to Sears on the other side of town to find a Lands End suit and they didn't even have my size. UGH.


Another year I forgot my son's suit (well, he did) and we had to hit Target and pay about $25 for a young boy's suit. It about killed me. I hate spending a lot for the boys on swim suits.



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My biggest thing that I never forget - our MacLaren stroller. Love that thing. It's small and can fold up easily. And, at night when little legs get tired, you won't be sorry you have it. And the best thing? You can put your STUFF in it!


I'm with the others - don't stress too much. Here's what I pack to take to the parks every day:


My fanny pack (I know!!! But I like to be hand-free!) with my phone, KTTW card and lip balm.

A small backpack (This goes in the stroller most of the day, but can be picked up easily when it comes time to fold up the stroller) with: rain ponchos (we get them at the dollar store - last time we went they were $10 each at the parks) - don't forget one for the stroller too!, empty water bottles to refill (ones you wouldn't mind losing), extra clothing - weather dependent. This can include socks in case of a wet water ride, gloves and hats for fireworks, sweatchirts, etc. Sunscreen.


My two youngest pin trade, so we can't forget their pins. Dd likes her princess dresses. We always go to the Bippity Boppity Boutique, but she wears her own dress.


Where are you staying? How long are you staying? And, are you flying or driving? Those things will help me with other hints and tips, if you don't mind sharing.


My biggest hint? Bring extra money! Lots of extra money!! :) I swear, I go anywhere else and we don't buy souvenirs. I'm adamant about not spending extra money on a bunch of stuff that we won't use again. But, at Disney, they suck me in! I want to buy everything!!! So, now I just budget for it. And, I find things I'll actually use when I get home (wine glasses, aprons, oven mitts, etc).

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Someone already mentioned water bottles, but I'll say it again :)

We just got back from WDW and it is very warm and the drinks are expensive! If you do not have reusable water bottles for each member of your family, just use the throw away kind and keep refilling them. You can get cups of ice water for free at any counter-service (fast food inside the park) place. If you stay on property, you may want to consider buying a couple refillable mugs if you are soda drinkers.


If you have one of those little fans that clip on the stroller, I'd bring that too. We saw lots of red-faced, sweaty babies in the park last week.

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Seconding the earlier idea to bring some ziplocks. They are great for keeping stuff like your cellphones & wallets from getting drenched on the water rides. When I'm heading to an amusement park, I always put stuff in my purse in ziplocks before we head out for the day.

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This isn't a "pack" thing, but some great advice:


1 -- As you're heading to Disney, contact your hotel and ask them to put a fridge into your room is there isn't one in there. Often they're free, but if they cost they can end up saving you a ton of money.


2 -- Ditto about asking for a microwave. If they don't have one for your room, ask if any are made available in the hotel for you.


3 -- If you're in a hotel w/ room service, they will often microwave food for the kids at no charge.


4 -- Look into where you can find coin laundry. . . either in the hotel or nearby.


5 -- Pack a plastic bag to hold dirty clothes.


6 -- Especially if you're doing Disney World -- bring bug spray! I got eaten in the evenings especially.


7 -- Disney took a survey many decades ago asking kids which ride was their favorite. Their answer? The hotel pool. So keep in mind what your goal is: to make wonderful memories. Your goal isn't to drag your kids around in the heat "to see everything." Let them swim when it get hot and yucky out. They'll thank you.



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Ponchos - Walmart has them in the Sporting Goods section (little folded packs of them) for about a dollar. Have one for everyone as it will rain during the day; it always does.


Headache/Fever meds - You'll want to carry some with you into the parks


Cold/allergy meds


Antacids - Rich vacation food disagrees with some people


Bandaids/Neosporin - Some people will pre-bandaid hot spots on their feet before going out, such as back of heel, ball of foot, and sides of toes


Daily vitamin for everyone - Doesn't hurt.


Ziploc bags or...


Pack the children's clothes as daily sets (top, skirt/shorts, socks, any hair accessories, undergarments, etc.) in a Ziploc. Each day just pull out a bag, and you'll have the child's entire ensemble with no searching for pieces. Use the discarded Ziploc to pack things for the day to the parks.


Autograph books - These are available at the parks but may be less costly at home. The children will want the characters' autographs.


Disinfectant Wipes - These put my mind at ease. I wiped down things at the resort, and I carried some with me to the parks in a Ziploc for wiping down public toilets.


Sharpie - There are numerous options for safety. If all else fails (or is unavailable) write your cell phone number on your children's arms. Other methods are probably better but in a pinch this will work. Even great, attentive parents can have a child separated from them in a crowd that is pushing and bumping people forward.


Having said all that, my best advice is to not over-pack. I know that seems contradictory but it is true. Lugging tons of bags in and out of vehicles, up and down stairs, etc. is not fun. Have a great time.

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Pack the children's clothes as daily sets (top, skirt/shorts, socks, any hair accessories, undergarments, etc.) in a Ziploc. Each day just pull out a bag, and you'll have the child's entire ensemble with no searching for pieces. Use the discarded Ziploc to pack things for the day to the parks.



Oooh, yes. This!


When our twins were toddlers, my husband had an amazing knack for selecting the top of one two-piece outfit and the bottom of another, which usually looked fine the first day. Because he didn't buy the clothes, he didn't realize that the next day the poor kid would be wearing a striped top and plaid bottom or some other ugly combination.


Packing the outfits in ziploc bags allowed him to do his share of getting the kids dressed in the morning, while still having everyone match. As the kids got old enough to start participating more, the bagged outfits also allowed me to tell them to just get a bag and know that they would have everything they needed. It eliminated a lot of "Moooomm, I can't find my socks!" moments.

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