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You know you picked a bad day to start school when

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you woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep (worrying that you might be pg), all of you start coming down with a miserable cold as the morning wears on, dd decides she wants to potty train today and has 2 accidents within a space of an hour, ds falls apart on his phonics lesson (which you thought he would love!), all the while dd is crawling all over you and whining, and patience is in short supply.:glare:




Tomorrow is another day...right?

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I will share this with up I have been homeschool 10years this year being our tenth. And this year was the first year that no one cried on the first day of school:glare: Yep CRY ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL-why you ask? Because something is too hard or too much writing or my favorite (and this was last year)just not fun enough to do in the morning.


So rest assure the first day of school is traumatizing for all of us:001_huh::001_huh: I love these post about what fun thing do you do for the first day of school? Ours use to be (for dh and I) to bet which person cried first for a couple of years at least 2 would cry and that slowly petered out. Some years even I was in tearsLOLOLOLOL


IT will get better



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You are not alone. Today was the 2nd attempt at starting school for us. Ask my how it went? :glare: Dh left today for another business trip so I sort of just KNEW it wasn't going to go well. I planned today as our "first day" after last week bombed and then dh springs this trip on me. :glare: Ah well...I guess starting before the ps students go back just isn't in the cards for us.

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