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So I bought The Human Odyssey...and it's putting me to sleep! Help?

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Ok, I keep trying to read this book and I'm finding it so boring! I wanted to love it, I really did. I've skipped around to different time periods, thinking maybe I just find Mesopotamian history boring. I thought Confucius was boring, Rome was boring.


I'm a bit history nut...it's my favorite subject! So I don't know what gives. I think the book reads like a textbook and not much at all like Joy Hakim's U.S. history books. :sad:


I guess I'm back on the hunt for a spine for 7th grade ancient history. Maybe the World in Ancient Times series?? SOTW is too easy for my 7th grader.

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I haven't done backflips over The Human Odyssey but my girls haven't minded it. I think the color and layout of the book was a relief after SOTW. It definitely does read like a textbook, but they found it interesting. I would love to the World in Ancient Times, but I can't afford it so I'm making do with HO. I really don't know of much else for middle school world history.

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Dd used the first volume of The Human Odyssey when she was in fifth grade. I expect that if she had used it for seventh grade she would have found it to be too simplistic. The reading difficulty increases from volume to volume.


We liked the combo of Human Odyssey with the World in Ancient Times series. She absolutely hated Hakim's style.


I guess we are opposites :lol:

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