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Do you have this field guide?


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We own it.



Ash, White

Aspen, Quaking


Beech, American

Birch, Paper

Buckeye, Ohio

Catalpa, Southern

Cherry, Black

Coffeetree, Kentucky

Cottonwood, Kentucky

Dogwood, Flowering




Hawthorn, Downy

Hemlock, Eastern

Hickory, Shagbark

Holly, American


Juniper, Common

Linden, Americann

Madrone, Pacific

Magnolia, Southern

Maple, Red

Mesquite, Honey

Mulberry, Red

Oak, Northern Red

Oak, White



Pine, Eastern White

Pine, Loblolly

Redbud, Eastern

Redcedar, Eastern



Spruce, Blue


Sycamore, American


Tupelo, Black

Walnut, Black

Willow, Weeping

Yew, Pacifc


And that's all folks... :)

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Which trees are covered? I cant seem to find a list anywhere. I don't want to waste money if 90% if the trees mentioned are never seen in Idaho and surrounding area :)





Get this guide http://www.amazon.com/National-Wildlife-Federation-Field-America/dp/1402738757/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368842255&sr=8-1&keywords=National+wildlife+federation+trees instead for only a few dollars more.


The NWF guide is The Best Tree Guide we own. Keying the unknown trees is so easy as long as you have leaves :) Each tree has a range map, close-up photos of flowers/fruit/cones/bark, photos of the leaves, a photo of the entire tree so that you can see its habit (upright, weeping, conical, etc) plus details about every aspect of the tree.


The book also contains pages and pages of information about North American forests, how to identify trees, tree families, tree silhouettes, and a large "visual glossary" with line drawings and photographs to describe leaf structure, leaf arrangement, leaf shape, types of tips/bases/margins, leaf undersides, twigs, flowers, buds, flowers, fruit, and bark-----basically the entire vocabulary of tree botany is covered in that section!


Oh dang, I just noticed you can't "see inside" on that amazon link. I guess you'll have to trust me :lol:

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