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Clueless. But mentioning it anyway. Classical ed & PS

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Long story short. The kid is attending a PS right now, has a week left. Met her teacher last night, had a brief chat. Conversation went something like this:


Teacher: "So, tell me a little something about the homeschooling you've done."

Me: "Well, I've used a lot of Classical techniques with her."

Teacher: "I thought that was what had been going on."

Me: "I mean Classical as in a Trivium type Classical."

Teacher: "Yes, I know. I was educated in a Catholic school, and taught Classical as in the Trivium."

Me: "Wow, interesting."

Teacher: "My hat is off to you, you've done a great job."


I don't know how common it is to find an educator in a general PS with that sort of background or knowledge. I'm guessing fairly scarce. I don't know what the kid said or did that gave off that impression. But anyway, there it is, somehow, it's recognizable as a teaching style by someone who has done it as well.

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You are lucky to have that experience with teachers. We have had mixed experiences. Some are very happy and full of praise. We have had a few times where they felt it was detrimental for a child to "know so much" because "What will he do in third grade if her does third grade math in second grade?" I had one teacher actually ask me about homeschooling because she was thinking of pulling her own child out of school. I never know what to expect. Some teachers think it is weird that we partially homeschool and equate that to just using the system as we like. I guess it is in a way but I dont' consider it a bad thing. :001_rolleyes:

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