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Looking 5th Grade Level American History 1800's - Present

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Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln by Jean Fritz

Robert Fulton: From Submarine to Steamboat by Stephen Kroll

A Boy Named FDR: How Franklin D. Roosevelt Grew Up to Change America by Kathleen Krull

Open the Door to Liberty: A Biography of Toussaint L'Ouverture by Anne Rockwell (This one is right at the edge of the 1800's...this may be too early)

Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman by Dorothy Sterling

Florence Nightingale by Ruth Fox Hume

The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk by Donald J. Sobol

Gandhi by Primo Levi (DK Biography)

Lee and Grant at Appomatox by Kantor (Landmark)

Remember the Alamo by Robert Penn Warren (Landmark)

Abe Lincoln Grows Up by Carl Sandburg

You Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton by Jean Fritz

Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler by William L. Shirer

Winston Churchill by Quentin Reynolds





I think the Landmark books are great. Here is a link to a blog that has them in chronological order:






I haven't read all of these, so I can't vouch for them completely. I'm under the impression that these are mostly accurate.

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We enjoyed several living books for this period:

Freedom Train, The Story of Harriet Tubman by Dorothy Sterling

The Winged Watchman (Nazi occupation of Holland)

The Last Safe House by Heather Collins

Gold Rush Fever by Heather Collins

The Perilous Road (Civil War)

Turn Homeward Hannalee (Civil War with a young girl as main character)

Across Five Aprils (Civil War)

Behing Rebel Lines (true story of Emma Edmonds, a civil war spy!)

The Wright Brothers by Quentin Reynolds (well-written story beginning with their childhood)

Snow Treasure (1940 children in Norway help protect county's wealth from Nazis- a great adventure!)


My ds also enjoyed several "Interactive History Adventure" (you choose) titles. If you are not familiar with these, they are short stories with multiple endings and paths the reader chooses along the way. They are meant to be read and re-read to try different "paths". The reading level is only 3-4th grade, but they would be a fun addition. Ben read: The Civil War, The Dust Bowl, The Great Depression, The Titanic, WWI and WWII, & The Attack on Peal Harbor. He always wanted his dad and grandparents to read them too, to see if they picked a path where the character survives :).



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We have some of the You Choose books too, and DS has enjoyed them.


Another we liked was this one: http://www.amazon.com/Seaman-Explored-Peachtree-Junior-Publication/dp/1561451908/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368984099&sr=1-1&keywords=seaman+the+dog+who+explored+the+west+with+lewis+and+clark


It's a story of Lewis & Clark focusing on Lewis' Newfoundland dog.

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