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Do your DC have hobbies? Need ideas

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I'm looking for ideas for hobbies for my 8 yo DS and 7 yo DD. While I think it's important for them to choose their own hobbies, I would like to be able to offer suggestions. We're almost finished with our school year and I know if I leave it up to them, they'll spend the whole summer playing Legos!


I would love to hear recommendations for these ages! Thanks!

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My boys have too many hobbies:

Pet guinea pig and hamsters

Pitcher plant - we won one and my boys want some more.

Lego - Mindstorm programming

Electronics - breadboard, components and getting hubby to teach soldering

Drawing - oil pastels is their current favorite

Hiking and geocaching

Sky party (star gazing)

Reading - they like leisure reading

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Dd(8)-anything horses. She rides, so we spend time at the barn before and after lessons. She feeds, grooms, and loves on her horse. She reads everything she can about horses, draws horses, pretends she IS a horse lol.

Dd(5)-loves everything gymnastics, and digging in dirt for worms. She's fascinated by creepy crawly things, and has a few plastic terrariums where she keeps her 'pets of the day'. Our rule is they must be released at the end of the day.


Both love drawing/painting with different mediums. They also really like clay. They've both been learning to crochet, although it is still hard for them and can only hold their attention for ten minutes or so.

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10yo: clay sculpting--she makes min-creations and gets many ideas from youtube videos, also likes sewing with felt and embroidery floss

8yo: origami and magic tricks--also youtube videos

Both enjoy latch-hooking.


My younger ones don't really have their own hobbies yet. I'm trying to line up some Pinterest activities for all of them. I thought about putting together some homemade "craft kits" of a few projects for summer. We'll see if I actually get around to it though!

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If you want them to expand their horizons, I would recommend DIY.org. This is a really neat site where kids can earn virtual badges for exploring different hobbies. My kids love it, especially my 8 year old. There's a ton of options, including tutorials to get the kids started on the hobby. It's also free, which is a nice bonus.


As for my kids, DS8's hobbies include astronomy, model rocketry, and Legos. DS12 is into Legos, stop-motion movies, and collecting Pokemon cards.

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Oh, and how could I forget: One of Buck's best buddies is into chain mail! lol

Thirteen years old, he coils some lightweight wire, like electric fence, cuts it apart to have a bunch of split-rings, then hooks them together into mail.

The 3 boys (the above, his twin, and of course mine) are building a fort on the ridge above our house and are scheming about the war they'll have when they get both the fort and the chain mail finished. lol

So, when Colorado invades, by golly, we're ready!! :patriot:

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cross stitch, crochet, knitting, felting

For an easier start, try the little looms that make pot holder size squares. Use good quality cotton loops, the cheap nylon ones are too thin and stretchy, and you can also use these to finger knit. (

) Here is a picture of my little, not-a-niece Mei and my son Doodle finger knitting scarves with loops. That year I bought some nice, fat wool yarn and they also finger knit scarves from that. To do that they would finger knit a very, very long strand and then use that as a single strand and finger knit it again. So, for Christmas that year a number of people received pot holders and scarves. :D


collecting rocks/ crystals, quarters, mushed pennies from wherever we went, shot glasses (baby glasses lol) from wherever we went, little miniature figures from wherever went

making mazes and other structures (he learned to build all kinds of bridges) for his gerbils from toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes, tongue depressors, cardboard, wood scraps, etc. (the gerbils usually just chewed on his creations, but he enjoyed designing them)

My second ds loved all of this.


In addition to his love affair with legos, my oldest liked model kits. He also liked collecting cards like Pokemon.




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Legos are a great hobby! My kids enjoy: drawing, baking/cooking, building random stuff outside (forts, crossbows, who knows what), making things out of paper/felt/fabric/etc., anything related to light sabers and Star Wars, reading, writing stories, SnapCircuits. . .


What about taking them to the craft store and letting them pick out a few craft kits that have all the materials included? That might get them excited about something new.

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