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When do babies stop putting everything in their mouths?

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I don't remember having such a problem with my older dd, but my son feels the need to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. If we're outside, it's rocks, leaves, sticks, whatever. If we're inside, anything is fair game. Toys, food that has fallen on the floor (yes, I realize it should have been swept up), pens, erasers, anything and everything. When do kids typically outgrow this stage?

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I think it depends on the child. I've got one who still chews shirts at 10. But, he no longer picks up legos or marbles and sticks them in his mouth.


I've got a dd, who has never put things in her mouth. She's 2 1/2.


I think most outgrow it by 3 though - at least the dangerous stuff.


But, then there's the story of one of my best friend's dds. Just last week she had to have a bead surgically removed from her NOSE!!!! Can you believe that? She's almost FOUR! ACK! (And, yes, her dd put it up there on purpose!)

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how about almost 12???? I have 2 mouth kids. My 17yr old thankfully is finally past that, but she was a mouth kid for a loooooooooonnnnng time. middle dd not so much. ds *still* stashes such things as legos, coins, misc plastic things, and I don't know what, in his mouth. Sigh. I have extremely sensory kids.......my ds chewed his shirt for years among other things. Lets just say that gum is a staple in our house, and helps a lot. Good luck. Chances are you have a fairly average child that will quit by age 2 or 3.


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