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Keeping a genius mind busy

Guest taylene

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Guest taylene

I am looking for suggestions. Things like Sudoku or workbooks or ANYTHING really that will keep my son's brain occupied. He reads a lot, so I'm not looking for book suggestions, but anything else.


He does like to build things or do puzzles, so if you know of anything great like that I would appreciate the help.


He is 10 years old.


I find when he is creating things, reading, or working on projects we have far less behavior problems.

I just feel like I need some fresh new ideas.


Thank you!

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We recently picked up some math books called Balance Math and More from the critical thinking company that my kids are loving. They've got a lot of lovely options, as does Prufrock Press. My 9yo also just asked for his own copy of the Beast Academy practice books, just for fun. (My 7yo is using BA for her main math text right now.) Good luck!

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I find when he is creating things, reading, or working on projects we have far less behavior problems.



Yeah, I have one with massive behavioral problems (she's 8). :grouphug: I'm so exhausted from my daughter, I feel like a zombie.


Is there something he's really interested in? My daughter is obsessed with graphics/art. She probably spends 4 hours a day drawing, sketching and making comic book-like graphics with colored pencils, etc. That really helps if you can develop something that they're really passionate about.


Have you tried adding some challenging schoolwork? I did that this year, too (for the 8 yro)...and it helped. When they're not being challenged, the chaos kicks in.


Here's stuff that my daughter likes:


Hands-On Equations

Life of Fred (not for everyone, but my daughter likes these so much that she drew a picture for the author)


Snap Circuits 300

Tekton building sets

Physics Workshop

those Professor ein-o science kits (our Hobby Lobby has those)

any art book or book on drawing instruction, sketchpad, prismacolor pencils, etc

Mad Libs

the Janice Van Cleave books (experiments and hands-on activities relating to science topics)

microscope with prepared slides and blank slides

Kinex building sets


Does he like computers? There's programming for kids...ALICE (which I can not get to work on our IMac) and SCRATCH (which does work on our IMac).


I plan to get the 4-H Robotics curriculum at some point this fall. They have a book called Junk Drawer Robotics. Not sure how good it is. We could try it and let you know. :D

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