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The Story of the Tree *lol*

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I didn't post this in writing, because its not actually about the narration she did (by this point, we were making up silly stories, and narrating them during fits of laughter). I came up with the topic of "an angry tree".


But just do a quick read of the Story, then see afterward for one of the questions I asked her.


***Excuse all the "And thens", she realized I really dislike her saying that, so was drawing it out "Annnddddd thhhhheeeeennnn" just to watch me gnash my teeth.


The Angry Tree by Atlas


Once upon a time there was an angry tree. He was angry because there was too much cold, and he couldn't grow.


Until, one day it was Summer. And it melted all the cold. And then it grew apples on its leaves. And then the children come to eat the apples. And then the tree was angry again. On spring, the tree grew flowers, but little girls came and picked the flowers off the tree. The tree was angry again.


In Winter, the trees leaves fell off. A woodcutter came and cut the tree down. And all that was left was a tiny, weeny seed. The woodcutters little girl came, and picked up the seed. She took it away.


The little girl planted the seed in her garden. And it grew, ...and grew, and it grew. It became a big tree.


The little girl was happy the rest of her life to have a friend.


The End



Q&A Session Afterwards


(It was much longer than this, but this was the last question, and I nearly fell off my chair)


Me: “Did the little girl ever tell the tree what happened to its parent?â€


Atlas: No, she did not want to make it sad. She didn't tell the tree until it was REALLY old and its leaves....FELL OFF!!!


Nice analogy there, kid.

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