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I know there are a bunch of pinned threads and believe me, I've read through them. :)


I would very much like for my dds to take the AP exam next May. I cannot afford to sign them up for an on-line AP class so they will just take the exam without taking an official class.


I would really like to ask ?s of those who went this route rather than a class, please. If you would PM me I would appreciate it!


Also looking for those whose dc have taken the Human Growth/Development CLEP, College Algebra CLEP, U.S. History CLEP, Statistics AP.

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I don't have much time online this morning, but if you remind me - or send me a pm with questions (or whatever), middle son successfully took the APs for Stats and Psych after self-studying. If you've looked through the other threads, I think I put ISBN #s on for what he used. We never bothered with CLEP, so no info there.

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College Algebra CLEP, U.S. History CLEP,


my oldest passed the College algebra CLEP. to get there she did Saxon Alg II, and then the CLEP prep on the DIVE CD for saxon alg 2. I'm nore sure she needs it for her major. But we had the DIVE cd already.


I'd recommend REA CLEP study guides for other stuff. I have several frirends who don't post here but used the same thing for US to 1877 that you and I did... and with the REA study guide for CLEP there's a trend of passing scores with that combo (from the bju text in mfw and rea guide). right now, we're getting ready to use the REA guide, but ran into a tiny snag at the university where my daughter thinks she most likely will attend.... they have an additional requirement for this specific CLEP to take a univeristy written essay, which made us pause a bit.. but still might try.



you can PM me if you have more specifics or ask out loud either way. :)

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